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What is the CIT program?

The Camp Shaver CIT program is for 16 year olds who want to volunteer their time at camp, give back to the community, and further develop their leadership skills. Participating in the CIT program is the best way to be considered for a Junior Counselor position upon turning 17. For those who have been through the Leader-In-Training (LIT) program, the CIT program is a continuation of the skills learned the summer before. You do NOT need to have been an LIT or a camper before volunteering as a CIT.

CITs are assigned to cabins based on their preferred age group. Each week, CITs will meet with their counselors to discuss what they are most interested in learning about. They will then spend the week assisting counselors in managing the cabin, learning how to teach classes and lead activities, and participating in workshops with the other CITs.

  • Why be a CIT?
    - Get experience that will be valuable when you apply for jobs or college
    - Gain valuable volunteer hours that look great on applications
    - Make new friends and become part of the Camp Shaver family
    - Learn what it means to be a leader and a follower, and how to do it
    - Spend the day working hard…and playing hard
    - Know that you changed a life this summer!
  • How to become a CIT…
    Being a CIT at Camp Shaver is hard work! You will make lots of great friends and learn a lot, but you will be constantly challenged and have very little off time. If that sounds good to you, and you will be 16 by summer 2012, then you should apply to be a CIT!

    Fill out and return the CIT application by March 1st if you are a returning camper, or April 1st if you are new to camp.

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